Firmenname: SpecTec GmbH
Strasse: Pickhuben 6
PLZ / Ort: D-20457 Hamburg
Telefon: 040 369054780 Postfach:
Telefax: 040 369054788 Postfach-PLZ:
The history of SpecTec and its AMOS (Asset Management Operating System) is the history of software at sea, thanks to over 20 years of dedication to Information Technology solutions for merchant ships, war ships and oil rigs.
Founded in 1985, SpecTec’s growth has been marked by turning points which have contributed to the company’s strength and expansion, establishing true leadership in the market with its 23 offices worldwide.
The dynamic AMOS system has truly become the standard within the Maritime Industry, and SpecTec is proudly recognised as the leading maritime software provider. As of today, over 12,000 AMOS licences have been sold to more than 1,200 companies in the Maritime Industry and more than 7,000 ships are managed on a daily basis.
Years of working closely with all sectors of the Maritime Industry - ship owners, managers, regulatory bodies and Classification Societies - has resulted in a dynamic system to match the ever growing requirements of legislation, and facilitating compliance with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations. This is achieved in such a way that AMOS works with you to operate and manage your fleet efficiently and allows you to optimise operational efficiency and contributing to overall profitability.

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